Mar. 2nd, 2013

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Btw, WHOO-HOO! My Smith Little Torch arrived yesterday! I am SO looking forward to being able to silver solder with much more precision that the abomination I've been using.

The jury-rigged nightmare used to be an old Bernzomatic MAPP-Oxy torch that they used to sell in Home Depot. It used disposable bottles of Oxygen and MAPP gas. MAPP isn't sold anymore. It was a proprietary mix of methylacetylene (propyne) and propadiene gasses. Which was a more stable, and only slightly cooler than acetylene. However their oxygen bottle was not high pressure, and as a result, you would usually run out of oxygen before you could do much of anything with it.

So, I got an R-size O2 bottle (about 20 Cu. ft) and a real regulator, cut off their O2 bottle regulator and used it. I also wound up using propane instead of MAPP, as it worked perfectly well for soldering, even if you couldn't weld with it. Not bad for a $60 silver soldering setup.

However for the downside. The O2 regulator was for an ordinary torch handle, and had no secondary control for the oxygen. Too much O2 for the propane didn't even register on the low side pressure gauge. And the propane side was only sightly better, with just the needle valve and no pressure gauge. (I have a hard time not typing gage automatically, which is the proper spelling for machinist measuring instruments.) Plus it was only the one orifice, which is really much larger than I need for most of my work.

Now, I have a full set of tips, and fuel and O2 regulators designed for this torch. Plus in addition to propane (which I like for silver soldering because it gives off much less light than acetylene), I can use it for acetylene, MAPP, natural gas, and even hydrogen, which is an even dimmer flame than propane!

I know I'm rambling, but I can't wait to start using it!



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