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Well, we've started walking seriously again. However we are trying to do 3 miles a day now instead of 1.5. 8 miles this week so far. (Ok, I had to turn in short one day.)

I'll work out the mileage for the Road to Pennsic later, but I figured some pictures of our walk would be nice.

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Well, I haven't been walking as much as I would like, but I've been usually doing at least 1 and usually 2 walks a week. Since the last update, I've done 10 walks, which makes it 15 miles I've done. That leaves 267.6 miles left to go. I need to pick up the pace if I'm going to get there before next Pennsic. I'm about midway between mile markers 272 and 273. Just passed Hopeland PA, and I'm coming up on Hwy 501. No exit, but it passes over the turnpike.
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Nope, believe it or not, I haven't forgotten about this.

Prior to Pennsic, I had managed to walk two days for 3 miles total. At Pennsic, I'm giving myself 10 miles, because I had at least five trips to the parking lot, plus all the additional walking. After Pennsic and prior to this week I walked three more times for 4.5 miles. Adding that all up, it is 17.5 miles.

So since we left it at 304.6 miles, that gives me 287.1 miles left to go. This puts me just coming up on mile marker 292.

I managed to walk several more times this week but I should walk at least once more today so I'll leave that for the next update.

Not bad for voice transcription.
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Also, Road to Pennsic. 345.9 miles left.

It was a little hard to run in the 93°F weather today. Oh well, could have been worse.


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